Build log: Threadripper Pro 5975WX Linux workstation on the Asus Pro WS WRX80E-SAGE SE WIFI

On Christmas day I was trying to install a second GPU in my Threadripper 2990WX workstation and I managed to break the motherboard. Pro tip: Do not yank some cards out of your workstation while you’re in a hurry… I need this machine for work so it is time to build a new one! Rationale

Running Windows NT 4 MIPS on Qemu in 3 easy steps

Today we will be looking at how to run Windows NT 4 for MIPS on the Qemu emulator. I didn’t really have a reason to try this but it seemed like a fun weekend project. In the process I’ve learned a lot about how some systems booted, got even more angry about how awful BIOS

HP ZBook Fury 17.8 G8 as a Linux workstation

Update 10/09/2022 – The Hybrid graphics issue is fixed As of firmware the hybrid graphics option Just Works ™. Use LVFS to update your firmware to make the discrete GPU work. Update 19/08/2022 – The Zbook is supported by the LVFS I recently purchased a HP Zbook Fury 17.8 G8 to replace my Dell

The very weird Hewlett Packard FreeDOS option

In this installment: some strange things I discovered when purchasing a FreeDOS laptop from Hewlett Packard. I suspect that the audience for this will be somewhat limited but I had fun exploring this. Perhaps you, dear reader, will find a chuckle in here too. Some background: I recently purchased a HP ZBook 17.8 G8 as

Tutorial: Passing an Intel GPU to a Linux/KVM Virtual Machine

When running a Linux desktop it sometimes becomes necessary to run a Windows system. When GPU acceleration is necessary, dual booting often becomes the solution. But dual booting is kind of cumbersome so it would be ideal if we could get GPU acceleration in a Windows 10 VM. Intel has a solution for this –